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60% of workplaces may be victims of office equipment leasing fraud.  Find out the facts around this major issue which is costing businesses, charities councils and schools thousands of pounds every year.

Contract periods for photocopier leases are routinely stretched far in excess of the useful life of the machine, with obscure and steep charges for servicing the copiers which often increase at about 15 % a year leaving the client with a huge financial burden.

High settlement charges are triggered when a customer tries to end the contract early, effectively locking the client into a long term expensive contract.

A typical mid-range copier might cost pounds 5,000 and have a life expectancy of three years before needing frequent servicing or regularly breaking down, but contracts in many cases last up to nine years with penalties if the customer wants to opt out or change copiers when he or she realises the mistake.

In one case a firm of surveyors was asked for a settlement of £70,000 when ending a contract on a machine worth £5,000. In another case a county council was asked for £84,000 for wanting to opt out of a contract where the copier cost £12,000

A common practice used by photocopier leasing companies was charging clients for their estimated usage in advance, but by significantly estimating over-usage clients end up paying for more usage than they would ever need

There are thought to be more than 1,000 dealers and the annual value of photocopier contracts in the British market, including service contracts, is estimated to be at least pounds 1billion pounds

In most cases, every photocopier within an organisation is subject to its own lease, so if an organisation has more than one copier they may be liable for a refund on several machines. Organisations who have leases running on multiple machines may be due significant financial refund.

Read a more detailed case study here, or view reports that have appeared in the media in our news page of other businesses, charities and public sector organisations have been defrauded.

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