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Why should clients use Legality Leasing to manage the process?

We get results. We provide a professional service. We are experts in identifying fraud and malpractice and securing compensation. We help our clients to get redress for mis-sold lease equipment. Our experience and specialism enables us to handle claims quickly and efficiently and to get our clients the settlements they deserve.

Legality Leasing undertakes an initial forensic examination of the contract lease and will advise our clients throughout the process with regular updates. Our professional fees do vary dependant on individual case circumstaces and will be discussed in detail by one of our specialist auditors before commencement. We retain 30% of any award that we secure on our clients behalf.

Why not just hire a lawyer?

Whilst general lawyers may be able to pursue such claims, the time required for a non-specialist to become familiar with this type of fraud and the associated professional fees, which can equate to thousands of pounds, with no positive outcome, may not be cost effective and may even negate any financial settlement awarded.

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- Explained: How workplaces leases have been mis-sold

Have you entered into a contract to lease office equipment in your workplace?
Have you been charged an over inflated price?
Do you feel your agreement does not reflect what you thought you had agreed too?
Is your equipment fit for the purpose?
tick Were you offered marketing or equipment incentives? (This may have been added to your lease)