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Legality Leasing mission is to drive awareness within the workplace that they may have been the victim of mis-selling.

Take a look at our latest news around this issue and what’s been in the press:

How much did you pay for that photocopier: BBC Education News

Signed leases that left them paying up to 15 times the going rate for equipment including photocopiers and laptops.: Dealer

Warning as schools are left with huge debts in IT scam: The Telegraph Reports

Bank forgives debt for school technology lease rip-off : Panorama/ Reading, Writing and Ripp Offs

BBC Panorama exposes fraud within the equipment lease industry : Panorama/ Reading, Writing and Ripp Offs

Schools Kit scams could cost them millions : BBC 5 Live investigates

Council forced to pay £350,000 to cancel photocopier contracts : The Daily Telegraph

Fraudulent leases costing businesses thousands : BBC 5 Live investigates

Copy costs hitting schools : The Rugby Observer

Carlisle businessman defrauds schools, businesses and charities : Carlisle News & Star

Photocopier industry under fire : The Independent

Copier Cowboys attacked by CBI : The Independent

OFT to investigate copier leasing : The independent

Have you entered into a contract to lease office equipment in your workplace?
Have you been charged an over inflated price?
Do you feel your agreement does not reflect what you thought you had agreed too?
Is your equipment fit for the purpose?
tick Were you offered marketing or equipment incentives? (This may have been added to your lease)