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How have workplace leases been mis-sold?

In the same way that consumers have been victims of fraud when Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was systematically and fraudulently packaged within consumer finance agreements, many workplaces have been duped into agreeing to contracts on office equipment, supplies and services which have been mis-sold or are fraudulent.
Our specialist legal team forensically examine lease contracts to identify mis-selling and fraud.

Examples of Mis-selling / Fraud

1. The leasing company significantly inflates the cost of equipment over its market value. i.e paying £500 per month to lease a photocopier for example that is worth less than £5,000. Over the life of a five year contract, the client will have paid £30,000 for equipment worth just £5,000

2. leases that are loaded with costs for additional services that the client is not aware of, or did not agree to or require, for example maintenance, insurance and finance costs

3. Payment of hidden / undisclosed commissions. i.e. The supplier may have received commissions from the leasing company who did not disclose the fees.

4. Not fit for purpose. i.e. Being sold a lease on equipment which is not appropriate for the needs of the purchaser, resulting in the client being supplied and paying for equipment which is vastly more expensive than required for their business needs.

Have you entered into a contract to lease office equipment in your workplace?
Have you been charged an over inflated price?
Do you feel your agreement does not reflect what you thought you had agreed too?
Is your equipment fit for the purpose?
tick Were you offered marketing or equipment incentives? (This may have been added to your lease)